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The best Front Yard and Back Yard Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking for landscaping ideas for your garden? The first thing you should do is plan the distribution of the space. You can start with something super simple. For instance, draw it on a piece of paper your desired garden design. Besides, you need to assign the dimensions and project what you want to locate in each place.

This exercise will allow you to plan what plants, furniture, and decoration you want to locate. Obviously, you can change this as many times as necessary until you reach the final design. The idea is to plan in advance the use you will give each centimeter of the space. Also, make sure to take into account all the variables. For example, make sure to consider time, budget, dimensions, views, and use of space. Also, if you want to do it yourself, you need to include personal skills.

In this article, you can see some landscaping ideas. Some of them show the location of each element and recommendations. So take a look at these easy landscaping ideas.

Landscaping Ideas: Decoration of small gardens and backyards

Your patio can be transformed into a charming hideaway. How? You and your family will enjoy for years your landscaping with just a little foresight and planning.

In addition, if you are planning to sell your home in the future. Well, the right design could potentially turn a once-negative selling characteristic into an appreciating asset. Today we want to show you a series of great ideas for decorating small gardens, do not miss them.

Decorating ideas small gardens

Landscape design for small backyard garden

As for how to design the space, your personal style will undoubtedly play a fundamental role, and some tips will help ensure success. Our small garden decoration ideas will help you create a space that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing without even thinking about the square surface.

Small gardens decoration

When someone takes a look at a space, it tends to scan the area as a whole, since it is one of the fastest ways to realize the square footage it has available. You can change that perception by creating a strong focal point to distract.

Design ideas for small gardens

Consider making a path through your backyard with cobbles or stones that define a clear sense of movement throughout the area. If you have chosen to divide your patio for some separate spaces, make sure that it includes a path towards each one.

Small patio design with wooden planters

You can divide the areas of vegetation by building several planters or raised beds, but the best way to take advantage of the space efficiently is to incorporate into the planters some benches or simple seats that can be complemented with cushions.

Decorating ideas front and backyards

Beautiful landscaping in Converse TX home garden

One of the ways to create an aspect of cohesive space is by defining its function. Start by thinking of how you would like to use your exterior. Maybe a large dining table is a key to outdoor dining, or you may prefer a plush seating area perfect for relaxation or even a fire pit. Depending on how much space you have, you can consider focusing on a main function or dividing your garden into some different areas.

Garden design with wooden pergola

Wood is the star material for excellence chosen to build garden pergolas. However, there are modern models made of metals such as steel or aluminum.

Original modern patio design

Be sure to use a variety of plants at different heights to take advantage of the amount of visual interest you are bringing into space. Include tall plants such as shade trees, exotic plants, and some extensive ivy. Moreover, you can grow shorter plants within the mix by piling them into graduated planters or flower beds.

Original small patio decoration with flower pots

You can bring color to your garden just as you would in your interiors. How? Through cushions and pillows that adorn your seating sets. Also, you do not be afraid to seek inspiration in nature as well.

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