Get Safety and Privacy with Our Wood Fencing in Converse TX

Your yard is such an essential part of your home. This green space is always there for you to play with your children, have picnics, barbecues, and more activities.

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    Get Safety and Privacy with Our Wood Fencing in Converse TX

    Your beloved garden is in the right hands if you choose to work with Green Land Contracting LLC. Wood fencing in Converse TX is one of the top 3 services we offer.

    What Are the Benefits of Wood Fencing in Converse TX?


    A wooden fence will enhance your household protection. It will protect your loved ones and your belongings. Prevent people from entering your yard for the wrong reasons by installing sturdy wood fencing in Converse TX.

    Here at Green Land; we make sure to build the most secure fences, so your family can feel safe.


    Get some privacy by installing at least a 6-foot-tall fence. In this way, you will get some privacy from the neighborhood.

    Whether you have dinner with your family, a picnic, a grill, or a family event, you can make sure to have privacy while enjoying them.


    Do you want your little princes and princesses to play in a safe environment? A wood fence is a solution to keep your children and even your pets at sight when they are playing.

    Also, it will prevent unwanted strangers or animals to get inside your property.

    Adds to the Curb Appeal

    We all know how beautiful wood fences look in your yard. Besides, they add to the curb appeal and attractiveness of your home.

    Also, a wood fence will add that warm touch to your landscape. Thu, there is no doubt that installing a wood fence adds security, privacy, containment, and curb appeal to your property.

    Here at Green Land Contracting LLC; we make sure to build gorgeous wood fences. Get in contact with our expert installers for the best wood fencing in Converse TX. We’ll make sure to delight you with the results.

    Most Trendy Design Types of Wood Fences

    Wood is one of the most versatile building materials. So, in short, you can do wonders with it.

    Wood fences are sturdy. So if you invest in them, you will have a stable structure that will last for many years to come.

    There is no doubt of the classy and warm look they have. Even though there many materials for fencing, wood fences are one of the few fencing structures that deliver an appealing look and warm feeling to your home.

    If you are planning on installing a new wood fence, you can get in contact with our professional installers to explore your options for wood fencing in Converse TX.


    This design is perfect if you want nothing to be seen through the fence. The pointed wood boards are installed together or one right next to the other, making a solid structure.

    Regular Point

    This fencing method allocates the fence pickets at a certain distance, so it allows people to see through the fence.

    Single Concave

    The fence pickets form a concave structure. So in other words, staring from the posts, each wood picket is shorter than the previous one. In the end, the shortest board will be the one located in the center.

    Also, the wood boards are placed with some distance between them, so it is possible to see through the fence.

    Single Convex

    It is pretty much the same as the design described right above, but this one forms a convex structure.

    In other words, after the post, every wood board is higher than the previous one. The central picket is higher than the other fencing parts.

    Double Concave

    This type of fence design forms two concave structures between every two posts.

    Double Convex

    This type of fence design forms two convex structures between every two posts.

    Gothic Point

    The gothic-style picket fence looks incredible. The fence boards are installed at a certain distance between one another, so it is possible to see through the fencing structure.

    Alternating Gothic

    Alternating Gothic fence style is pretty much the same concept as the Gothic Point design, except that pickets are installed together, leaving no see-through space.

    Fences with Lattice

    Another classic design is a fence with lattice on the top. This is a fantastic design, which makes the fence look strong and delicate at the same time.

    These were the most sought-after designs for wood fencing in Converse TX.

    But you can give us a call, and we will provide more design ideas. In the end, our crew of landscapers will work hard to offer the best fence design that fits perfectly with your taste and needs.

    3 Most Popular Wood for Fences

    Now, let’s talk about the most trusted wood species for fencing. Remember that a fence needs to be strong, durable, and look exceptionally well.


    What is great about this type of wood is that it does not need a lot of maintenance. This wood species has some insect-repelling substances.

    Besides, it has an excellent appearance and a pleasant scent. It can be a little expensive when compared to other wood species, but trust us; you’ll by delighted by its features.


    It is relatively inexpensive, and it offers excellent durability. Pine wood is very easy to work with; thus, it will keep labor costs down.


    This type of wood is long-lasting since it has some insect-repellent properties. Besides that, it has a beautiful look. The price is similar to cedar.

    As you can see, install a wood fence in your property is such a great idea. You will have protection, privacy, and a more beautiful landscape.

    There is a great variety of designs and wood species, which will fit any taste and every homeowner fencing needs. We don’t have more to say than to advise you to get in contact with us today. As a result, you’ll get the most reliable and affordable wood fencing in Converse TX.

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