Know the signs that you need an effective wood fence repair

Have you looked at your fence lately? Often, it may seem pale, with a need for a new coat of paint, or even full of cracks and holes. Whatever the reason, many homeowners end up believing they need to replace it. However, not everything’s lost. In fact, it’s possible to follow some wood fence repair steps to have it for many more years.

But then, before you start pulling boards, consider all these factors.

Reasons you need a wood fence repair

Changes in climate

Evidently, weather causes a steady damage to every part of your house exposed to it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the environment takes its toll on your fences.

While changes between sunny and moist weather are a nightmare for your fence, it’s the excessive moisture which does the worst part. For example, rain and snow can move the posts due to soil shifting. Thus, you’ll end with a misaligned fence.

Rotting wooden boardsRotting wooden boards

Now, if this wasn’t enough, you also must consider the water damage to the wood itself. With faulty paint or sealer, the boards will warp and eventually rot.

Of course, the type of timber you used is an essential factor. You see; there are many different types of wood, and some are tougher than others. For example, redwood or red cedar will last longer and withstand strong weather better.

Choosing stronger boards will affect the price. However, considering you won’t have to invest too much in wood fence repair makes up for the expense.

Insects and other pests

Protecting any wooden elements in your house is vital. After all, there are many wood-boring insects out there. Damage by termites and other pests to your beautiful fences is slow but inevitable.

Therefore, the best way to prevent this is by doing a quick inspection. It shouldn’t take too long. Also, if you do it often enough, you can spot the damage on a single plank before it spreads. Remember, a moist environment will make this problem more likely to happen.

Checking the metalChecking the metal

Last but not least, take a look at all the metal elements in your fences. Misaligned boards, for example, can damage the nails and render them useless. Moreover, you can check for rust in the screws and the hinges of the gate.

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