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Nobody knows where farm and ranch fencing were born. We are just sure about how it becomes popular to the point that is not exclusive for countryside fencing projects. Remember to old west movies where cowboys used to fight and to ride beasts, well they made famous many countryside structure and habits. Farm and ranch fences are more than a functional construction; there are esthetic elements of for your property.

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    Professional Farm and Ranch Fence Service – San Antonio, TX

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    Main Goal of Farm & Ranch Fence

    At GreenLand Contracting LLC, we believe the main objective of a farm and ranch fence is keeping unwanted guests outside of your property and maintain your cattle on your land. Also, it is important to mention that these fence types are being used for two purposes enclose your property and cattle corrals. Cattle corrals are useful to contain big and small animals. Moreover, they improve security while providing visibility.

    Traditional Farm and Ranch Fences

    Wood Fences

    Nowadays, wood fences are an elegant option to surround your property. However, they require maintenance every few years and are an expensive choice in comparison with other fence types. In the past, fence builders used hardwoods to construct farm and ranch fences because of its features such as longevity and climate resistance. Also, they were readily available that sometimes wood was cut from existing trees in the farm.

    Today, wood is soft and do not resist environmental conditions. A wood fence can be an affordable choice since there are plenty of wood options at lumberyards. However, it has a lifespan of about 20 years and will require regular maintenance. Repair or maintenance includes painting and staining. Also, you can request vinyl coating that will increase the lifespan because the fence will get water resistant. Moreover, it will not receive direct exposition to solar radiation.

    Finally, wood fences are usually installed to enclose small areas. Wood fence’s strength makes it a good option to separate horses and bulls from other farm animals. Another example of wood fence application is riding areas.

    Barbed Wire Fences

    Did you know that barbed wire fences born as consequence of a wood scarcity in the 1800s? Well, they did. It gained popular acceptance in Texas since the Old West has many arid regions where wood was and is still scarce.

    If you are planning to install a barbed wire fence, be sure to comply with your state law regarding fences. Barbed wire is usually illegal to install in town and residential projects. Indeed, the installation of this type of fence is performing with extreme caution. Probably, a fence builder will end tearing its clothes. Now imagine what a barbed wire will cause in animals that get caught in it.  It will end up with several injuries. So it is not a safety fence for any farm animal.

    Other types of Farm and Ranch Fences

    • Woven Wire Fences
    • High-Tensile Wire Fences
    • Synthetic Fences
    • Electric Fences
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