Best Warm-Season Grasses for your Lawns in Texas Part II

Best Grasses for Full Sun and Warm Weather, Part II.

March 20th is the official season change date. Say goodbye to winter and welcome spring. Here in Texas, weather conditions do not change drastically as in other states. However, anyone can easily notice a temperature rise and stronger sunlight. If you read our last blog, you should know that weather conditions affect how the grass grows.

Well, today we will continue giving you options to achieve a beautiful grass during the dry seasons of spring and summer. Many people believe that this types of grass thrive during the hottest months and die during the coolest months. However, some grass species can survive and remain green during the entire year. In this informative article, you will find three types of grass commonly found in dry areas.

So this is a perfect guide to select what types of grass will most likely be the best for you landscaping design. Trust us! We are an expert landscaping contractor who offers its services in San Antonio, Helotes, and Converse TX.

Which Types of Grass Grows Best in Direct Sunlight?

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue is the typical type of grass of cold areas. However, it also does well in hot and dry regions. It is primarily used in northern lawns since it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Tall fescue is a good option for your landscaping design in Texas because it is drought and high heat resistant. It will maintain its green color because it has deep roots that absorb water from the deep ground. Moreover, tall fescue will germinate on average between 10 to 14 days. Finally, this type of grass grows almost in any soil.

Beautiful view of a grass lawn in sunlight.Buffalo Grass

It is called buffalo grass because buffalos used to eat it in the hot plains. Also, it is native from North America but, it will do well as your lawn grass in San Antonio, Helotes, or Converse TX. In other words, it is heat and hot sun resistant.

For your convenience, it is a low maintenance grass that will resist periods of drought. Also, it spreads by itself which is great if you want to use it for a large area.

St. Augustine Grass

Saint Augustine is a type of grass with an optimal growth in the Southern U.S. For instance, Florida and Texas landscapers prefer it because it thrives in high temperatures.

This type of grass grows and spreads through stolon since its seeds do not last long. Moreover, it requires high maintenance because its require humidity, and it is not a type of grass resistant to disease.

When deciding on what type of grass is the best for you area, it will always be a good idea to consult an expert. We welcome you to get in touch with us. Our professional workers can visit you and give a free estimate of any landscaping service. GreenLand Contracting LLC is categorized by competitive prices and friendly services.


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