Lawn Care Services in New Braunfels TX

Proper lawn care practices are crucial for growing a beautiful, healthy, and green lawn. So, we want to highlight what you can expect from our lawn care services in New Braunfels TX.

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    Lawn Care Services in New Braunfels TX

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    Proper lawn care practices are crucial for growing a beautiful, healthy, and green lawn. So, we want to highlight what you can expect from our lawn care services in New Braunfels TX.

    Here at GreenLand Contracting, we perform lawn care to the most detailed and excellent standards.

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    As one of the leading landscaping companies in New Braunfels, we have to the best mowing and maintenance equipment. For instance, we use professional lawn mowers, string trimmers, edgers, blowers, and others.

    When it comes to lawn care and landscaping services we outperform the competition. That is because we have the support of our expert landscapers. Also, they are provided with the right equipment to tackle any task with high efficiency and perfection.

    So, there is no doubt our lawn care services in New Braunfels TX is all you need for a lush and healthy lawn.

    2. Give Your Lawn an Extra Hand of Nutrients

    We, as an expert landscape contractor, must know the strengths and challenges your lawn faces. For instance, we evaluate the soil pH, soil nutrients, grass type, lawn diseases, and plagues to determine the state of your lawn.

    Sometimes, your lawn doesn’t get all the needed nutrients naturally. So here is when you need to give it a helpful hand.

    By evaluating the bad and good things about your lawn, we’ll create the perfect program to apply the proper lawn fertilizer.

    If you don’t know when to fertilize the lawn, don’t worry. Call us today at (210) 987-8581, and we’ll provide the right nutrients at the ideal time for your lawn to thrive.




    Here is What We MEAN by Lawn Care Services in New Braunfels TX.

    1. Mowing the Grass at the Ideal Height and Time

    Lawn mowing is a crucial task.

    When it is done right can be the best friend of your lawn growth. So, when done properly, you will nurture a healthy, properly, and drought tolerant grass.

    When done improperly, lawn mowing will be the arch nemesis of your lawn. Mowing the wrong way will stress the grass, making it harder to grow the ideal lawn.

    So, it is all about how to do it and when to do it. Call our skilled lawn care technicians so that you can have peace of mind.

    We’ll give your lawn an attractive look, and we promise it will thicken after every mowing.

    We deliver our lawn care services in New Braunfels TX in the ideal time. For instance, we’ll always make sure to deliver our lawn mowing services early in the morning. In this way, your lawn won’t suffer the stress of high temperatures while been cut.

    Also, we mow the lawn at the ideal height so that the grass can produce the right amount of food and grow a strong root system.

    To cut the grass at the ideal height makes it stronger against insect damage and disease.

    Remember that the biggest reason for not cutting your lawn too short is that it can cause the soil to lose moisture at a rapid pace. Also, a very short grass fosters an environment for weed and disease infestation.

    Enjoy the 5 Benefits of Proper Lawn Fertilization

    Lawn fertilization is a vital part of our lawn care services in New Braunfels TX. Of course, nutrients are vital for a thriving yard.

    If the soil doesn’t have all needed nutrients, you can aid the normal growth of your plants with good fertilizers.

    1. Faster Recovery from Diseases:

    If your grass has some yellow or dry patches, it can mean it lacks water; it suffers from insect damage, lawn disease, weed growth, or even it’s exposed to high temperatures.

    But no matter the odds, a proper lawn fertilization schedule will do it. That will help to speed up the recovery time for your yard.

    2. Better Nutrients = Faster Growth:

    Better nutrient for the grass is the same as faster growth. So, you shouldn’t wait more! Give the best nutrients and care to your grass now.

    3. Nurture a Stronger Lawn:

    A properly fertilized lawn will make it through stress conditions. For instance, things like extreme climate, high foot traffic, and pests won’t destroy your beautiful lawn.

    4. Vibrant and Green Lawn Sheen:

    That is right. Your neighbors have achieved green and lush lawns not thanks to a miracle or luck. They have achieved that thanks to proper lawn fertilization.

    Provide the right nutrients to it, and your grass will become richly vibrant and green. You’ll love it.

    5. Do You Want a Thick Grass? Get it Fertilizing!

    A thick grass doesn’t only look lovely, but it also aids to control weed growth. A thick lawn leaves no room for weeds to take root.

    Our Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Services Also Include:

    • Effective Weed Control (Combating Them for Stronger Grass)
    • Fast Yard Pest Control (Eliminating Them Before Bigger Lawn Damage)
    • Lawn Aeration (Oxygenating Grass Roots)
    • Lawn Seeding (Thickening Your Lawn by Over Seeding Thin Covered Areas)
    • Landscape Design (Making Your Garden Look Beautiful)

    As one of the leading lawn care companies, GreenLand Contracting offers pro lawn care services in New Braunfels TX. We take care of all your front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping needs.

    Let’s work together to nurture a lush and green lawn that everyone will love!

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