Best Warm-Season Grasses for your Lawns in Texas Part I

Best Grasses for Full Sun and Warm Weather, Part I.

To achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn, you will need more than proper maintenance and nutrition. Do you know that weather conditions affect grass grows?

It is really important to research what types of grass match your weather conditions. If you do not wisely select the lawn seed, no matter how much you give maintenance to your lawn. It will never give you the desired results.  Keep reading to find which types of grass will help you to achieve your goals.

In the Southern United States, full sun and warm weather grasses will best grow. They tend to grow and be dense quickly. The following types of grass are the one that we usually install in San Antonio, Helotes, and Converse, TX. Take a look and decide which one will fulfill your dreams lawn.

Which Types of Grass Grows Best in Hot Full Sun?

Types of Grass: Centipede, Bermuda, Zoysia


Found in almost every tropical country, Bermuda is the golf field grass and sports lawn for excellence. Landscapers prefer it for high traffic areas and direct sunlight outdoor spaces. Its main features are drought resistant and quickly grow.  This grass grows well from seed in extreme conditions and is self-seeding.

However, Bermuda has two drawbacks that can make you think about another type of grass. Since Bermuda is a self-seeding grass, it will easily take the space of other plants. For example, if you have a flower bed in your yard, Bermuda will replace it. Also, avoid using Bermuda in outdoor spaces with shade.  Can you imagine it? It will not grow under your yard trees.


Zoysia is heat resistant grass that does well in full sun areas.  Similar to Bermuda, it can handle high traffic and overtakes other plants by self-seeding. Moreover, it is pets resistant and will remain free of weeds.

It can tolerate drought conditions. However, water it is a good idea to preserve its texture and color during the warmest months of the year. It usually has a golden-beige color but, it turns brown in the wintertime.


In comparison with other types of grass, Centipede grass grows at a slower rate. So it requires less mowing and care. Moreover, it will have its green color around the year with an exception in extremely cold conditions. Similar to Zoysa, it tolerates some shade but, it prefers full sun or direct sunlight outdoor spaces.

As we already mentioned, Centipede is a slow growing grass. Consequently, if you decide to plant Centipede grass in your yard, you will have to wait some seasons to enjoy it density.

Of course, there are other types of grass that grow well in direct sunlight spaces. And, we will continue discussing its features in our next article. So regularly check our blog section on our webpage or follow us on our social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

Wait for Best Grasses for Full Sun and Warm Weather, Part II. And, choose a type of grass that will you can enjoy in your family activities and match your maintenance preferences. GreeenLand Contracting LLC is the best high-quality sod installation and landscaping contractor in San Antonio, Helotes, and Converse, TX.

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