Wrought Iron Fence Installer in San Antonio-Converse-Helotes, TX

Does your property need a fence installation or a fence renovation? Have you already decided which fence type will resolve your fence needs? What about an elegant, beauty, and strong option? GreenLand Contracting LLC brings you a not popular but, beautiful choice for commercial and residential fence projects.  We are talking about wrought iron fence that is better known as the king of fence materials.

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    Wrought Iron Fence Installer in San Antonio-Converse-Helotes, TX

    High-quality Wrought Iron Fence

    What is Wrought Iron Fence?

    In the past, wrought iron was produced in mass. People used it for many purposes in the construction sector. Nowadays, true wrought iron is a commodity product that is hard to find.

    However, it is still considerate a good choice for its shaping characteristic. It is a very strong material but, malleable at the same time. Moreover, the term iron today applies to all type of irons. The original one differentiates itself from the others because it is forged by hand. Also, the hammer marks produced small irregularities in its surface.

    So wrought iron can reach high prices due to it is valued as a craft. But, don’t be scared about its cost. It has many benefits that will push you to install a wrought iron fence.

    Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

    Long life-span

    Have you heard that quality means money? Well, wrought iron fences are expensive in comparison with wood fences and chain link fences. But, this fence type is a durable material that will not require too much maintenance. Also, it has a long lasting life because it does not quickly deteriorate.


    Wrought iron as any other old material is hard to break. For that reason, people prefer it for security purposes. For example, wrought iron spikes are pointy than chain link fence pikes.  As we mentioned before, it is the king of fence materials.

    Home Value

    Normally, a home value will increase after a fence installation.  Home price usually will go up to equal the fence installation cost. In some cases, the selling price increase will depend on the home location. For instance, rich neighborhoods will receive a higher benefit when installing a wrought iron fence than median income neighborhoods.


    Well, we know that other fence options share this characteristic. However, this fence type offers space that allows a good visibility. Moreover, its classic style enhances the backdrop to be the focus of your neighbors.


    GreenLand Contracting LLC classifies wrought iron fences as the safest one for residential and commercial facilities.  The spikes in the top make them difficult to climb.  Also, they offer a clear view of the outside that will prevent that any person hides from the other side of the fence.

    Wrought Iron Fence: Installation cost and maintenance

    There are many variations of wrought iron types. So it makes logic that prices will vary depending on what irons you want to use for your fence. Every single time, someone requests a wrought iron fence installation; we present an iron catalog to our customers. So they have the final decision based on their budget.

    Remember, price does not matter when the decision is cost-effective over time. Moreover, it requires little care. For example, you should perform annual maintenance to repaint the fence and make it look elegant.  Also, rust and corrosion will affect its look but, they will no damage the structure. So there is no need for concern about high maintenance cost.

    GreenLand offers quality fence and landscaping service for clients in San Antonio, Helotes, Converse, and surrounding regions in Texas. We are eager to demonstrate you that our 100% satisfaction guaranteed service will increase your property value and security.

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