Should I do lawn mowing if winter hasn’t ended in San Antonio?

Factors to consider before doing lawn mowing in winter

As we’re in a new year, the unpredictable winter can make it hard for us to decide what to do with our plants. It snowed already, so properly taking care of our yard can be a challenge. However, though the growth of grass slows down, it doesn’t stop. Let’s see what the best way to do lawn mowing is, at least for the remainder of the season.

The environmental factors you must consider

Usually, mowing your grass shouldn’t be necessary. But then, it depends on many factors. We’ll see some of them.

How much it’s raining

The winter in the San Antonio area isn’t severe at all. As such, it gives you a rare snowfall and occasional rains. Your grass, of course, needs both to grow and survive. Constant rain will keep it growing. In that case, you can reasonably expect to do lawn mowing now and then.

However, too much rain will keep you indoors. As long as your lawn gets enough of both rain and sunlight, you may have your lawnmower close to you.

Ground frost lawn frozen

Ground frost means no lawn mowing

We sincerely hope that you don’t walk on the grass after it snows. At that moment, your lawn is exceptionally vulnerable. If it has frost on it and you walk over, you’ll leave a footprint that won’t go anywhere, even when it thaws. That happens because your weight breaks the blade tips.

Of course, this means a big no for your mowing efforts.

Keeping watch of the temperature

The daily temperature is an excellent guide when it comes to lawn care. Whenever it drops, the grass stops growing as quickly as usual. In fact, it needs at least 40 degrees to grow steadily.

SUnexpected weather snow in San Antonioo, take a look at the local weather forecast. If you don’t expect 40 degrees for a while, it’s better to leave the lawn mowing for later.

However, even if you don’t have to use it a lot of times, it’s a great time to see if the lawnmower is in good shape. Therefore, replace any blades and make sure it won’t fail you this upcoming spring.

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