Lawn Care Services in Schertz TX

We all know that when getting lawn care services in Schertz TX, you expect to get your lawn professionally mowed and fertilized.

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    Lawn Care Services in Schertz TX

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    We all know that when getting lawn care services in Schertz TX, you expect to get your lawn professionally mowed and fertilized.

    Though lawn mowing and lawn fertilization are such a vital part for lawn care and landscaping services, let’s us tell you that there is more to it.

    For a landscape contractor to offer detailed and exceptional lawn maintenance services, they must take care of other factors.

    As one of the leading lawn care companies in Schertz TX, GreenLand Contracting offers high-quality and responsive lawn mowing, yard fertilization, weed control, yard pest control, lawn aeration, and lawn overseeding services.

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    3. Alleviate Soil Compaction with Lawn Aeration!

    We know you love to see your kids and pets playing in the yard, and sometimes too much traffic is bad for your grass.

    Too much foot traffic will compact the soil, hurting the ideal growth of the grass.

    In case you don’t know what lawn aeration is, here is our definition:

    Lawn aeration is a lawn care method that consists on making small holes in the soil to let air, water, and vital nutrients to circulate freely under the ground to be absorbed by the lawn’s root system.

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    Why is a Compacted Soil Bad?

    1. Compacted soil can squish the roots, inhibiting the ability to absorb nutrients.
    2. It prevents proper air, water, and nutrient circulation in the soil.
    3. It takes too long for the lawn to drain after raining, allowing standing water to stay in the yard.
    4. The grass will show heavy wear. It will start to patch, and even, it can create bare spots.

    And don’t worry because we have the solution.

    We, as one of the leading landscaping companies, have the adequate tools and knowledge to make your grass thrive.

    Our yard aerators use the best lawn aeration tools like plug aerators to prepare your yard for the growing season.

    Aerate the lawn soil once a year, and you will get in return a healthy lawn with a robust root system. Besides, you’ll help the lawn mowing and the lawn fertilizer to produce optimal results.

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    We are experts in landscaping maintenance, offering front yard landscaping, backyard landscaping, and commercial landscaping services.

    When it comes to affordable and thorough gardening services, GreenLand Contracting is the team to trust!

    Convenient and Thorough Lawn Care Services in Schertz TX

    1. Prompt and Systematic Lawn Weed Control

    Weeds are the arch nemesis of a healthy and green lawn. But if your yard is prone to weeds, don’t doubt to call our landscape specialist at once.

    It’s crucial to tackle this problem as soon as possible before it’s too late. You have to rescue your yard before it receives indiscriminate damage by unwanted weed.

    As a trusted landscape contractor, we have a very detailed and systematic way to eliminate weed from your yard. First of all, we identify the type of weed before launching the attack.

    Then, we’ll use the minimum amount of weed killers and the right timing to kick weeds out of your lawn.

    Even if your yard is infested by broadleaf or you know what? It doesn’t matter what type of weed is growing in your lawn; our gardeners will kick those ugly weeds within the least amount of time.

    Call us today, and our gardeners and landscapers will start the fight against lawn weeds!

    2. Get Safe Yard Pest Control from Us!

    One of the worst practices is not getting regular lawn mowing service. Letting the grass to grow high is a warm invitation for rodents, garden bugs, and insects to infest the lawn.

    Instead, of going through all the yard pest control stress, you’ll be better off hiring a professional to mow the lawn as a preventive measure.

    If it is too late and you already have some walking and flying guests in your yard, don’t hesitate a moment. Call us at (210) 987-8581 to get our exceptional lawn care services in Schertz TX.

    We’ll apply the best lawn insect killer to eliminate ants, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, spiders, sod webworms, armyworms, and many other yard pests.

    We’ll apply all the products with utmost care. When delivering our pest control service, the safety of your loved ones, pets, and lawn is our priority.

    Avoid unnecessary damage to your lawn. Call our expert landscapers to wipe away those bothersome pests from your yard!

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