Make you yard look amazing with these winter lawn care tips

In a place like Texas, it’s vital to maintain your grass green throughout the year. Thus, you can’t neglect it no matter the season. After all, even if we’re getting colder temperatures, they’re low enough to give us some snow, but not to stop our grass from developing. So, let’s see how you should do lawn care this winter.

Useful ways to do lawn care in winter

snow south texas winterSet a watering schedule

We barely get any snow in this area. However, the unusual – and highly welcomed – snowfall in San Antonio made national headlines earlier this month. However, not all seasons are equal. Thus, you must have a watering schedule that ensures the health of your lawn.

Remember; a healthy grass needs 1 to 2 inches of rain per week. So, if it hasn’t rained, it’s up to you to water your plants properly. Early morning is the best time to do so. Moreover, lawn care specialists say that that abundant, but occasional watering is the best way to enhance root growth.

Get off the lawn!

It may sound like a classic line from an old, grumpy homeowner. However, as much as it can be tempting, you should avoid walking over your lawn. After all, while grass is sturdy, it’s not invincible.

Therefore, leaving objects all over the grass, or using it as a shortcut or parking space will surely hinder its beauty. Just keep off the grass and let it grow smoothly.

Be careful with stray leaves

mowing lawn over stray leavesWhether you have a couple of trees in your yard or not, it’s likely that you find some stray leaves now and then. A few of them won’t do any damage. However, it’s a good lawn care practice to remove them as they accumulate.

A whole blanket of leaves and debris can leave your grass with no room for breathing. Plus, all the clutter will end up serving as a shelter for rodents and other plagues.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t get rid of ALL of them either. You can quickly turn stray leaves into mulch by mowing over them. Therefore, you’ll have a natural fertilizer for winter, all without spending a dime.

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